Agastya nadi astrology

The soul stories that they saw were written down. This mystical science from our ancient seers, not only gives predictions but also remedies to dissolve your karma and course correct your life in the right direction.

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In ancient times, information was passed down orally. The written word came years after that. Granite slabs, thin copper plates, and tree bark were some of the mediums used for recording information, but for the Nadi information, leaves of palm were the choice. The Rishis had special scribes carefully etch each letter of your story into the dried leaf with a special tool or stylus. This was done all by hand to avoid splitting the leaf. The writing was almost always continuous, without any space between words.

This is one reason why the reading of the leaves requires training, as well as an understanding of the ancient languages of Tamil or Sanskrit. When the etching was complete, lamp black or turmeric was applied to increase contrast and make it readable, and oil was rubbed in to help preserve them.

It’s all written: How Nadi shastra's ancient system works

A bundle of leaves in the same thumbprint category, or soul grouping, were then bound with a cord between two wooden covers. Nadi Astrology uses your thumb impression to discover your Nadi Leaf and predict your destiny from the readings written as a divine song. That is one difference in Nadi Astrology that sets it apart from traditional astrology that requires you to give your birth details. There are around classifications of human, and from there, your unique thumbprint is detailed down to find your soul grouping or bundle that contains anywhere from 20 to 25 individual leaves.

Then the Nadi Reader uses the sounds inscribed on the leaves to hone in on your exact leaf. A great value of the Nadi is that it gives you an understanding of the link from your prior birth to your current life. It also provides the exact ways to transform the residual karma from the previous birth.

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    Ancient palm leaves Revels The Will Of God

    Toggle navigation. The item has been added to your cart. Keep Shopping. Nadi Astrology. What is Nadi Astrology? What is a Nadi Leaf? Some leaves got destroyed, and the remaining were auctioned during the British Raj rule. These Nadi leaves were obtained by the families of astrologers at the Vaitheeswaran Temple and have been passed down the years from one generation to the other. There is also another set of astrologers claiming that the content written in the palm leaf is conversation between Shiva and Parvathi.

    This is called "Shiva nadi jyotisiyam". Thus, there are distinctive names and numbers in the full zodiac.

    It is a compilation of over 82 hundred verses by Achyut of Kerala, that is why it is called "Deva Keralam". But these divisions are unequal; largest division being of half a degree, and the smallest division is 36th part of a degree.

    Writings & Articles

    Another school of thought assumes that all divisions are equal; the value being 12 minutes arc in length. Athman is the 'real' you with no body, no mind or no desire. Athman is immortal, and characterises the real you. Changes apply only to the physical bodies. Common stages are birth, childhood, teenage, adulthood, oldage, and death.

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    The real you the Athma then enters into a different body depending on your Karma and takes form relative to the good or bad deeds you have done. Athman can neither be created nor destroyed.

    Athman manifests in a physical body as per applicable karmas. In Karmic terms, a transition like this is like a person working in an organisation getting promoted when he or she works sincerely, honestly and efficiently, or demoted if he or she is a bad worker. Naadii Astrology is like a mirror of your karmas in the previous birth s.

    Shri Agasthiya Mahashiv Nadi Astrology

    While this is not entirely accurate, for simplicity's sake, let's say there are two options associated with your Karma. You either live out your mistakes or you can overcome them by performing corrective actions in a proactive manner - this goes for all living beings. All beings, irrespective of species, nationality, religion, social class, aggressiveness, etc.

    The Navagrahas are very sincere in their duties as cosmic public servants and never deviate in performing their duties. They cannot be bribed. They affect individual beings as well as entire societies as per the Karma thoughts, words and deeds of beings in this world as well as other worlds applicable. The current life path of a person is determined by past Karma. It is like a person who has saved a lot of punyas in his or her account cashing it in when the need arrives. Birth, death, rebirth and moksha are all controlled by our karma. Paapams activities that result in negative Karma are obstacles that may take long to dilute whereas punyas earned can be 'spent' very soon.

    From the Hindu point of view, this makes it important that we always think good thoughts and do no harm to any other being. Bad Karma is committed even if we think unrighteous thoughts. What is to be given to your lot in life, when, how and where are all decided by the Brahma using the Navagarahas and the Siddars as channels.

    It’s all written: How Nadi shastra's ancient system works

    As the Brahma cannot do everything in our realm directly, 84, Siddars have been created to perform duties on its behalf. Siddars are only another level of public servants in the cosmos, and they have capabilities and energies many would consider supernatural, although in Hinduism this is quite normal.

    Of all the siddars, 84, are identified as very powerful and these siddars express themselves by way of Naadi. Agathiyar is the leader of all Siddars. Agathiyar along with Kakapujandar, Bokar.