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Libras are ruled by air, so the safest bet for a happy relationship is one of the other air signs Gemini or Aquarius. Both signs are big thinkers and share Libra's people focused attitude. Cancers can be too sensitive for this sign, as they are looking for a emotional connection while Libra's are searching for mental stimulation. Although Libras and Capricorns may initially be drawn to each other's intellect, Capricorn's focus on work does not match with Libra's social nature.

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Libra Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

Hana Carter. Mystic Meg October 7: The plans you make with a partner give you so much to look forward to. Libras do not handle criticism very well, which often makes them seem insecure. But one of their biggest faults is the need for admiration. They like to be the centre of attention and be praised for things they do, so some may see them as self-centred.

Because a Libra values beauty so much, they may sometimes become too focused on outward beauty and forget to look deeper into a person's full character. Because they are so understanding of other's feelings, they may be seen as indecisive or unable to make up their minds. Any sign as blessed with charm as Libras are can always be seen as flirtatious. Parts of the Body Ruled by Libra Lower back, buttocks, and kidneys - Libras may suffer from problems in the lumbar area and may be prone to kidney infections and kidney stones.

Elliot Truman Copote E. Libras are one of the most admired signs in the zodiac because of their kindness and compassion towards others. They make wonderful friends and great lovers who make you feel loved and appreciated. Find out what a Libran is like when in love! Personality Traits of a Libra. Previous Page.

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Libra Zodiac Sign: Traits, Characteristics, Compatibility and Horoscope

Personality Traits of a Capricorn. Personality Traits of a Scorpio. Personality Traits of a Virgo. Please just look at some libras as soul healers god loving people forgiving but hard to forget an forgive self. An deal with anyone who love god first. As some people made mistakes like loving others an sometimes loose some of their joy an hurt at time. Until we find out god should've been first.

Libra (astrology)

Then we can deal with things. Quincy - 5-May AM. Q tip - 5-May AM. Appreciation for Art and Beauty. DG - 3-Oct PM.

Sexuality and your Zodiac Sign

Ithink "center of attraction" is NOT the appropriateword. Sense of fashion.

I felt like I connected so well with this. Yes I know a Libran exactly like that too! MrsF - Sep AM. Mimi - Sep AM. Don't forget. We are the nicest people in the zodiac until you cross us.

Libraman - Jun PM. I live with two Libras and they both wantto be the centre of attention! This description It fits me perfectly Nope not me but I am a good designer. Mostly accurate, although personally I feels this Maria - 9-Feb AM.

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This is surprisingly accurate! LaraCroft - Jan PM. Libra the best tmyst - Jan AM. I love my zodiac sign i am a libra an most definetiley i love beautiful peolpe and things, and i wouldnt't trade my sign for nothing in the world tessie - Dec AM. While these traits talking in reality here , seem fantastic, can be infuriating to others as I cannot stand indecisiveness just something to be considered when "deliberating". But other than that 'tis a great personality, one I am entirely opposite of, but do appreciate. I'm actually kind of surprised at how accurate mine is though, Aries.

In Astronomy class we learned there was another birth sign left out so your actual zodiac sign is probably not what you think it is. It's pretty cool to read about. Kat - Sep AM. As a Libra, Ihate to mention that my sign has another trait: narcissism. I'm proud to be a libra,coz' we are the iron hand of Justice.