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However, it is advised to consult an astrologer to get more accurate results. Of all the sixteen Sanskars mentioned in Hindu religion, Naamkaran or Naming Ceremony is quite significant.

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This is the reason why Naming ceremony is important in its own way. But, according to the customs of Hindu religion, the naming ceremony of a child should be conducted when the child is eleven or twelve days old by observing the necessary rites and rituals. The successful commemoration of this ceremony blesses the child internally as well as externally.

Dates, Nakshatras and Month for Naming Ceremony

This ceremony also increases the life expectancy of the child. The ceremony should be organized at a clean place.

Home is an ideal place to do so but incase of any emergency, the ceremony should be solemnized at a religious place or temple. The naming ceremony should be solemnized according to a proper Muhurat only.

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Seek the help of an astrologer or internet to arrive into a conclusion. The family should stay away from non-vegetarian diet and alcohol on that particular day. If possible, feed bread roti to a cow Gow Mata on the naming ceremony day. Each and every family member should behave cordially with the guests. Let the child receive the blessings of the elder members of the family.

Along with the parents, other family members should also actively take part in this ceremony. The child gets special blessings if food is offered to the poor.

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We hope you liked this article on Naming Ceremony. Perform the rituals and give an ideal name to your child. Remember Me. Home Muhurat Namkaran Muhurat Lang :. Enter City. Dates, Nakshatras and Month for Naming Ceremony 1. Appropriate Way To Select An Auspicious Muhurat For Naming Ceremony For each and every Sanskar ceremony, astrologers or renowned scholars are contacted in order to find an auspicious muhurat, which is why a special astrologer is called to retrieve a proper muhurat to conduct the naming ceremony.

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