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As you would expect, they have sizzling personalities.

Being a fire sign always indicates a woman who is creative in unique ways. When influenced by the fire element, spontaneity is infused into their persona. Their zest for life is limitless; their quest for fun never-ending. Characteristics Women ruled by the sign of Aries possess an impeccable sense of style. Yet, despite all this elegance, they remain children at heart. This openness often leads to disappointment, but the Aries woman quickly bounces back. This planet is her magic place, and she makes the most of her time on it. On the other hand, they dislike restrictions of any kind, and a possessive relationship will end up going nowhere.

She sees nothing wrong in that.

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For one thing, the spouse should know how to keep a little mystery in reserve. He must remember his woman always comes first. Before calling it quits, however, she will make every effort to hold the marriage together. If the passion cools and the excitement becomes nonexistent, she will throw in the towel. Money The Aries woman loves to spend. If she sees it and loves it, she buys it. Career Regardless of her career, Aries must feel good about her position and how it fits into her life.

Aries women are natural super-achievers. Friends Aries women make friends easily, and most of their relationships are friendly without being totally committed. Aries is too busy living life to devote huge chunks of time to others.

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She has two or three close friends who are spontaneous and adaptable. Health The typical Aries woman has the physical stamina of a long-distance runner.

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    Why Us? This certification is intended for companies who manufacture equipment or components of equipment used in oil and natural gas production. Today, the sun is no longer within the constellation of Aries during much of that period.

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    From March 11 to April 18, the sun is actually in the constellation of Pisces! The table below lists the dates when the sun is actually within the astronomical constellations of the Zodiac, according to modern constellation boundaries and corrected for precession these dates can vary a day from year to year. You will most likely find that once precession is taken into account, your Zodiac sign is different. And if you were born between Nov.

    The ecliptic passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus after Scorpius. Check out your "real" zodiac sign, based on the sun's current path, and compare it to the date still used by astrologers in parentheses :. Capricorn — Jan. Live Science. Figure 2. If you were born between March 21 and April 19, your astrological sign is said to be Aries.