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Hence, number 6 natives can be seen exhibiting and promoting art and beauty in one field or the other and accordingly some of these natives can become painters, writers, poets, sculptors, musicians and other such kinds of professionals.

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Vedic Jyotish associates Venus with luxuries, comfort and entertainment and these characteristics of Venus are also relayed through number 6 in numerology due to which the natives coming under the strong influence of number 6 in numerology are generally fond of luxuries and comforts of life and many of these natives are able to achieve luxuries and comforts in their lives due to strong influence of Venus on this number.

Some number 6 natives can also choose to work in professional spheres which deal with providing luxuries, comforts and entertainment to the people and which may also deal with exhibition of beauty on different levels and accordingly these natives can be found practicing as people dealing in hotel business, people dealing in tour and travel business, people dealing in airline industry, fashion designers, perfume makers and sellers, designer clothes makers and sellers, interior decorators and many other people of the similar kind.

Number 6 natives generally do not have to work hard to run their life and most of these natives land in comfortable positions by virtue of some artistic or creative skill possessed by these natives or by virtue of their physical beauty, attractiveness, charm and charisma and this in fact is one of the strongest traits of number 6 natives. In Vedic Jyotish, Venus is considered as the primary planet for physical attraction, physical relations, love and love life, marriage and married life and these significances of Venus are passed on to number 6 in numerology which means that the natives under the strong influence of number 6 are likely to be romantic in nature and they are likely to be inclined towards physical relations and accordingly many of these natives can be found going through more than one love affairs and some of the number 6 natives may establish physical relations with a large number of members of opposite sex, during their lifetime.

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These natives, simply love to give an outward expression to their physical needs and sexual desires and they are very much inclined towards enjoying their life to the fullest and fulfilling most of their desires including physical desires and for this reason, some of number 6 natives may be well known for their physical alliances and love affairs with the members of opposite sex and most of these natives cannot stop doing such things as it happens naturally due to influence of Venus and number 6 natives do not have control over such things.

But all number 6 natives are not like this and some of these natives may prove to be very dedicated lovers and they can remain loyal and true to their lover or spouse till the relation lasts and this is seen especially true when the horoscopes of number 6 natives are supporting this fact. But whether these natives fall in many love relations or such natives commit to only one person throughout their lives, one thing is sure that most of number 6 natives do fall in love as they have strong tendencies to engage in love affairs as well as physical relations.

Some number 6 natives may see a good or very good rise in their fortune after a lover or spouse comes in their lives, which means that such lover or spouse can bring fortunes for these natives either by virtue of being rich or by virtue of bringing good luck for the native. Venus is considered as a caring, emotional and social planet according to Vedic Jyotish and these characteristics of Venus are also transmitted to number 6 in numerology due to which the natives under the strong influence of this number are likely to possess good social skills and they are also likely to be very caring and emotional in nature.

Number 6 natives are generally very attached to the people they care for or to the people they love and they tend to make sure that they take good care of their nears and dears and for this reason, such natives can make very good lovers or life partners as they can pay attention to even the smallest of things which may be important for their life partner or lover and added to that, their romantic nature can prove a bonus most of the times.

These natives are full of life and they want to live their lives to the fullest and they can go to any lengths in doing so or at least they can wish to go to any lengths in doing so. Number 6 natives are very social also and they mix up very well with other people and accordingly they are the ones who can have big or very big social circle which they can manage well by attending to most of the people in their social circle, from time to time. Looking at some negative traits of number 6 people, Venus is known as a materialistic planet in Vedic Jyotish and sometimes it can become too materialistic and all lost in physical or materialistic pleasures which can cause losses on other fronts.

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