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Last month is when I felt compelled by spirit to start tracking the timing on the crypto market. I already knew that we had come out of the bottom of the market which I saw in December. Similarly Bitcoin Cash was down at BCH has already multiplied 5. Everyone wants to know if this market will keep going up or if we are now crashing down to the 4th wave low that is to be expected in all charts everywhere.

And if we are correcting, how low?

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When can there be a new opportunity to buy in? When to sell at the top of a wave if we are high-risk tolerant players. There are a lot of underlying beliefs and concepts in those questions that I wish to address first. Crypto is here to stay and getting into it should be about having crypto and holding the right coins for the long term. Because, well use cases. These things are useful and they do things that will revolutionize every business model on the planet.

My Number 2 priority is to be sure that people understand that we all need to learn to tap into our own inner knowing and intuition around this marketplace because it is sooooooo unbelievably, incredibly high-stakes and confusing. There is massive deception, manipulation and misdirection at every turn.

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It is never a good idea to just blindly follow a guru — any guru — without being highly tuned into your own inner being. There are many lessons that people will learn in the coming months about this exact thing as crypto grows up and becomes widely acknowledged. My Number 3 priority is to share what I know from my learning and be a guide on this path. I have been in the crypto world for a couple of years since late and I have learned a LOT. I can also apply Astrology to what I know. But I am just human, and not perfect.

Nobody really seems to see it or to know. And all I can say is what the stars are showing me, and this is that the wave 3 upswing is not yet over. It might make a few sideways zig-zags, but it is not yet time for us to go down to wave 4. Like a sure footed mountain goat we will pause and take a breath, and then continue to go up this week.

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So here is my Horoscope forecast for this week. One of my viewers pointed out that I overlooked Gemini — and I am sorry! So here is my overview for my Gem friends this week:. Gemini: Mercury is conjuct the Sun in Taurus in your Solar 12th house which could make you more psychic than usual, give you weird dreams and help you overcome fears, phobias and bad habits — with the Moon in the 6th there is something ending in your day to day routines. Generally, looking below the surface and finding what is hidden or secret will benefit you a great deal this week and could even land you some cash, or a super hot date.

The Sun will be in the sign of Leo until August 22nd.

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During this season, Venus will be direct in Leo until August 21st. Mars in Leo brings spunkiness to this solar season. You may feel more wiling or aware of battles that need to be won involving love and romance. With Venus now in Leo, some of these battles can involve personal property. There can be rifts in relationships that create heightened tension. However, there's a healing journey taking place with Venus in Leo aspects Chiron and Uranus this week. Venus can compel people to put down their battles and focus on working together for something worthwhile. This week the Moon travels from Cancer through to healing and practical Virgo.

The Moon represents how we feel and what we turn our thoughts toward. This week, the Sun conjuncts with Venus and so our love life, career, and personal matters are on the rise. This is a great time to take care of your body, mind and spirit connection. Rest is valuable so you have the emotional courage to complete projects and not become weary or faint of heart.

Retrograde season makes things harder to accomplish but also requires you to focus inwardly as you complete tasks that are challenging. You may feel more warm and loving, more eager to express your feelings, and if the ego gets bruised, watch out! Venus trines Chiron on this Thursday, which provides clarity to a particular problem involving love and how you relate to the person you think you want.

To find out more, check out your zodiac sign below to see predictions from your weekly horoscope from July 29th - August 4th, , according to astrology.

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Venus is in your fifth house with the Sun and so you are in a open position for love and romance. Chiron will be in Aries until , and this is a return season as well for individuals born with the wounded healer in the sign of the Ram. Chiron helps you to grow from a place where you were once wounded. It's a planet that represents your weakest points. Perhaps you have put in airs in the past with lovers and friends and now you learn to be you, dropping pretenses, and discover it's okay to be yourself after all. With Venus in the 4th house, and your ruling planet, you are again, similar to when the Sun was in Cancer, taking time out for your family and home affairs.

Only now, instead of focusing on how you feel regarding your home life, you are considering material changes such as buying property, reorganizing furniture or situating financial affairs. During this week's trine to Chiron, you may experience a break through in a relationship with an authority figure. This week, Uranus also communicates with Venus in Leo bring a breakthrough to your personal life.

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Where a restriction or negative energy hindered you from moving forward with a job or a personal goal can begin to move. Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Cancer this week, and on July 31st it goes back to being direct. Mercury retrograde can affect you on a personal level. You may have some extra paperwork or news return back to you that requires a review.

There can be a need to take a trip out of town to visit an old friend. Words have heavier meaning at this time, so be careful how you use yours. You will not want to rewind the tape to apologize if you have a chance to avoid a conflict instead. When Venus aspects with Chiron in Aries this week followed by a communication with Uranus in Taurus, relationships can come under evaluation.

You strive to be authentic, and those that don't share similar values or pretend to be your friends but aren't may become less attractive to you. This opens your awareness of matters related to money and may even put you in the limelight in some area of career.

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With Venus and the Sun in your second house, your career and personal capabilities gets more attention.