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Your new idea for a major work project gets the side-eye from your coworker? Whelp, everyone has at least one hater.

Leo Zodiac Sign - Characteristics Of Astrological Sign Leo -

Best way to have fun in the summer? Eat ice cream! Watch this to find out the best flavor for your zodiac sign:.

Leo season is bringing all sorts of fun, and you so need it. Above all, use Leo season to tap into your inner amazingness and celebrate it—that's the best way to max out this time.

Leo Love and Sex

So, for now, live it up. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Unevolved Leo

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Leo season starts on July 23 and ends August Typically, the Sun represents the ego and the masculine life force energy found in humans. In Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology, Apollo was the Sun god who drove his chariot of flaming horses around the Earth during the day time, setting the skies afire with bright light.

Mercury in Leo (in the Birth Chart)

These signs fall in the middle of every season. Fixed signs can take the enthusiastic ideas that cardinal signs spark, and craft them into something real. They pick up the ball when the cardinal sign passes it, and run the distance to the goal. Warm-hearted and authentic, Leos can offer great strength and heroism in the face of adversity, pouncing upon obstacles with their prowess and determination to be Number One. You can often find them going to the theater—or starring in a production themselves! Wooing them romantically means pulling out all the stops. These haughty and aloof Lions who can be self-centered and even elitist.

Leo compatibility

They must work to open their hearts, giving rather than just taking. Sure having all the toys feels good for a moment.

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